We run shifts to accommodate both R&D projects and full production runs for all types of medical tubing.


Experts in the most difficult tube configurations

We have years of experience in developing the most sophisticated tubing configurations to
solve your most difficult product development problems. FBK is particularly adept at designing and producing complex multi-lumen profiles. Our product development team will work closely with your staff to develop the exact profile that you need to make your new product successful. FBK can deliver to you sample production runs manufactured from virtually any thermoplastic material in a matter of weeks.

Quick Turnarounds And Low Minimum Orders to Fit Your Needs.

With our recently expanded plant facilities there is no need to move your project elsewhere
once the development is done. Because all of the run data is on file, an R&D project can become a full production run immediately. We also offer secondary services such as tipping and skiving of catheters, sealing needle sheaths, tipping, thermoforming and imaging of your product.

Our Product Development Team is ready to evaluate your company's need for prototype
tubing. We can quote your request in 24 hours or less and deliver your sample order in just a few weeks.